Friday, December 19, 2014


to Kerry and Drew on your new home.  so very happy for you .  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

don't lose sight of what's important...

                                               proof that angels really do in fact exist.

love sent, xo

Monday, December 15, 2014


i love craft paper.  i usually have a ton of it around the house and with a few bits and pieces
you can make some pretty impressive gift wrap.  it is really versatile, and you can buy a big roll of
it at michaels for dirt cheap.  use the coupon that is usually in the michaels flyer for 40% off  one
item and it is a double win.
some ideas for your wrapping pleasure.  of course if you don't like rustic these might not work for you but i happen to love it.

a simple evergreen spring and you are done.

a little black marker some minimal art skills :) and of course a tag in remembrance of
our france  trip.

my favorite package of all.

happy wrapping.

love sent, xo

Saturday, December 13, 2014

so much to catch up on....

but... gotta finish shopping first.   happy saturday.

love sent, xo

Thursday, December 11, 2014

let it snow...

love sent,  xo

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

santa claus is coming to town..

it's  9:51pm and i am thinking of heading to bed.  i stopped to look at my mantle filled with santas, 
all the santas i have painted over the years.  the same mantel i have tried to change up the past  couple of years.  i am faced with opposition from many places.  folks who remind me that it is tradition and it's part of so many christmas pasts.  i am out numbered in looking for the change.  i love it, i do, it's just that i thought it might be time for a change. a sweet friend sent me a picture tonight of a santa  that i had given her mom many years ago.  her mom passed away this past summer and it made me smile that she still has this small reminder of a different time and place. we shared so many happy times. 
this is a piece of my life.  
for a moment i could hear my dad calling us from living room to start his movie reel rolling on christmas morning. the past is part of all of us. the good times and the challenging times. then i thought of my sweet friend that has had such a tough go of it these past couple of weeks.  she rises to the challenge every single time and we still hope for another miracle.  i thought of  my brother in law who lost his sister just a couple of months ago and how hard it is this year for his family.  i thought of my mom boarding the plane to come home tomorrow for the holidays after her own successful surgery just a couple of weeks ago.  life can be so tricky and hard and happy and beautiful.  i stop and remind myself to see the good,  to hear the small sounds, to feel the big feelings, and to say thank you for all of it.

time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like real life.  "brian andreas"

love sent, xo

Friday, December 5, 2014

gift ideas/ women

20 ideas for the women in your life.  you'll see i find it super easy to find gifts for the  women in your life there are just so many options.

1.   for the love of your life who just happens to come from the west coast honeyandbloom
2.   for your healthy friend who cooks like a boss amazon
3.   for the traveler ssekodesigns
4.   for the outdoorsy one in your life. jcrew
5.   for everyone - hand designed by the most talented person ever high-tide-apparel
6.   because you can never have enough scarfs jcrew
7.   everyone needs a cozy sweater gap
8.   who doesn't love a little bling and at 40% off it's a win win  loft
9.   i was drawn to this just for the name :) think waves breaking, fresh air and sea salt nordstrom
10.  snow cloud slippers - enough said madewell
11. because everyone should start a fire victoriassecret
12. soo cozy restorationhardware
13. a moving tribute amazon
14. my favorite boots of all time timberland
15. for those bad hair days madewell
16. because now i can't live without mine lecreuset
17. so you can be as cool as your kids ray-ban
18. to carry all your organic veggies home from the farmers market food52
19. so her house can smell amazing yankeecandle
20. because everyone should own this book polar express

love sent, xo