Saturday, April 11, 2009

here it is

Saturday again. i know i have been away a lot - life is getting the better of me.
work has been crazy with all the changes that have happened over the past weeks.
this week was better - we will all get there eventually. this week brought several visitors from our other offices for training which was really intense but i think everyone was happy with the outcome of the overall week. i joined this group in January so had not met many of the folks from the other sites yet. the week included a pizza party, dinner, and having a chance to finally meet face to face the people I speak to on the phone so often. lots of folks travel in from europe and it's pretty interesting to hear their stories. having pizza at 5:30 was a challenge for our
friends from france they aren’t used to dinner until 8pm. i love france and that’s just one more reason i can't wait to visit again. i am really happy talking to friends, drinking wine, and savouring dinner well into the evening. the europeans know how to slow down and enjoy life.

bring me back...

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