Friday, November 13, 2009

sunshine and crispy leaves.....

that's what i was wishing for this weekend but it's not what i am going to
get. the sun is sinking in the sky now and the late afternoon shows signs of impending rain. the temperature is hovering at 47 and it's that damp kind of chill
where you know winter is nearby. but i love the sound my feet make as i shuffle
through the leaves and i love the smell of crisp cool air. most of the trees have released their leaves, that just a week ago were the color of burning flames. already, fall is halfway out the door. so cozy up on a comfy chair hopefully with someone you love. darkness is creeping upon us it's just the right evening to be having a warm bowl of soup and spend some time indoors after an exhausting week.

it's friday and a good weekend is waiting ahead.....

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