Tuesday, December 29, 2009

take the long way...

i am slowly climbing out of my holiday haze. the past couple of days have been glorious.
quiet, after the craziness. the wrapping paper, pile of gifts,
left over containers that held holiday treats

will get

cleaned up


it is so cold out, so sooo cold. the crackling sound of a warm fire on a snowy night is quite possibly one of the best sounds in the whole world. even if it is on your t.v. a.k.a. the yule log. so grab a mug of hot chocolate or a wine and cozy up. dream of all the special moments that 2009 has given you. xo

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Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have those glorious days to ease away from the crazy ones of the season. A cup of hot chocolate is just what one needs to cozy up and warm the chill of the day, thank you. Now that 2009 is sneaking away, we can hope to see what lies ahead in the New Year.