Sunday, January 17, 2010

do what you can...

every so often i look out my cubicle window and wonder how did i end up in corporate america? it's just soo not me. wasn't i going to save the world? it's a little to late to save the world. besides i like my comfy house and family. i look at the devastation in haiti and see those poor people and wonder how difficult life is for them and how much we take for granted. how much of this world is in turmoil and how many children are hungry and suffer every day. for relief efforts and donations remember every bit counts. my company donated 50,000 to project hope. hopefully all companies will follow - every piece counts. sometimes tragedy presents an opportunity for positive change. sometimes the world seems to hold too much sorrow for our hearts to comprehend. where do we start when the bad things seem so very big? the only answer i can come up with is: start with the small things - for giving, go here - give love embrace real life. xo

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