Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wide open spaces...

when i was a kid we didn't do much traveling. sure, we went on summer vacation but usually to the cape or maybe just a few states away.  we weren't traveling to other countries as so many kids today do.  strangely tho,  i have been wired to want to travel.  although i can't always venture far it's something i really enjoy. discovering new places, new foods, new paths to the unknown, it's the thrill of the journey.  we have taken a few trips recently that leave me wanting for more. wanting to move past safe and comfortable and on to a new adventure.  every day i want to discover a new freshness to life.  i want to believe that there are still lots of blank pages in my journal.  there are still lots of stories waiting to be told, and lots of stories yet to be written.

love sent, xo

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