Sunday, June 16, 2013

what love looked like today...

                                                              today was father's day.

 in typical fashion i daydreamed about all of us getting together for breakfast or dinner or some form of unity for all five of us.  everyone is going in so many different directions that this is harder than it sounds. one kid ran in from an overnight in boston, (a bit grouchy i must say from not enough sleep).
another kid showed up with piles of laundry (i think he has been saving it all month).  the third one rushed in and realized he was late for work for the first time ever ( these things happen i tell ya)
we debated for a few seconds and decided  we might try to regroup later in the day.   we coasted through the rest of the day listening to the hum of the washing machine, cleaning up the house, watering the garden , feeding the plants.  we didn't even talk that much,  but i like this guy,  he is pretty easy going.  he opened a few gifts, made a few jokes and we shared a few laughs.

as evening approached we headed out for dinner.  there was a little back and forth about the
restaurant ( it's not that easy to get everyone to agree on food choices) but we agreed on a place and
off we went.  we decided on some fun drinks and a couple of great appetizers. it was a really nice evening.  it felt good.  the kind of good that makes your heart happy and full.  i didn't dare pull out my camera as one said family member hates photos... and all of you who know me,  know i am a photo addict, so this is always hard.   i really like to document food, and people, and places, and holidays.
after a fun dinner we headed out to the parking lot. it was all over too soon,  but  eventually, everything ends.  time isn’t ours to own, and because sometimes the universe looks out for me, some random woman walking by offered to take a photo of all of us together.

                                                               it was my lucky day.
                                             happy father's day T!  hope you had a great day.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Great family picture !! I'm sure Tony had a wonderful Father's Day. He is truly blessed. :-)

Anonymous said...

You have such a great family. You are all so very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Love your positive outlook on everything. It's a gift.

Anonymous said...

Love the mustache cupcake haha! Great picture of everyone KT:)