Sunday, November 24, 2013


i will be hosting thanksgiving this week so i am sure it will be a little crazy..
all my plans to get organized this weekend got shifted a bit.  so many other things ended up taking center stage.  and you know what?  i am so glad they did.  all of the moments the weekend was filled up with are things i wouldn't trade for anything.  now it's just the two of us, one of my favorite songs is playing in the background and i know that even in these exhaustion filled shreds of time everything will get done.  all the things we did this weekend add texture to our lives, they may seem small but they are quite major. 

there was:
buying awesome bagels at the farmers market.

witnessing the christmas trees arriving at the farm stand we frequent, it's coming so quickly.

watching gus score a touch down against chelmsford - sweet

spending time with the sweetest family ever.

eating perfect cold weather food.

sorting through pictures .
happy birthday love.

drew's birthday breakfast

hanging out with the family.

 staying warm on this freezing cold day

best friends forever
matty's own cheering squad
 watching matty score 4 goals.
unplanned family reunion
and this little guy was hiding in the picture above.
most of my happiness exists in the ordinary stuff. 

love sent, xo

update:  and an overtime win for the Patriots!!!  what a game!!!



Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!!!!!! Omg you always have the best weekends!!! Great pictures KT :)

Anonymous said...

Such a nice day.

Anonymous said...

You have the best family, you are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. Great pictures. (pon)