Monday, February 10, 2014

february ...

is a month of celebrations.

of love
of birthdays
of anniversarys...

this month has had me thinking a lot about love…how i  receive it, and how i  give it.  it has me looking into the future and wondering if i will look back and see a life laced with it. will i have been stingy? will i have received it with open arms? will i have given it to the ones who need it most? will i have been patient enough to love through the hardships that life offers?   have i surrounded my life with love and poured love into needy hearts?
if i could pick one thing that i hope i leave this earth with - it will be that people see me as someone who cared about the people i loved.  it won't matter how right i was,  or how successful i was, or how
smart i was,   but ... it will matter how often  i took  some time to make someone feel special and loved even if just for a moment. 
some of my favorite memories are wrapped up in february. 

love sent, xoxo


Anonymous said...

OMG you give so much love to everyone in your life. You are the most loving person and friend. xx (pon)

Christine Caetano said...

You are by far one of the most loving people in my life and I feel blessed to have you in it. I aspire to be like you! Happy LOVE month! ;)