Thursday, June 5, 2014

sum sum summertime...

although the calendar does not officially say so...
i am ready for summer.

after a long winter we have earned enough reasons to enjoy the sun.

                                                               make yours a good one!

here are 25 reasons summer is a rock star!!

  1. the smell of fresh cut grass
  2. feeling that extra sunshine on your face
  3. summer outfits and flip flops
  4. hammocks
  5. farmers markets
  6. that summer glow
  7. yard sales in the early morning
  8. romantic picnics for two
  9. bike riding
  10. windows open, radio blasting
  11. ice tea with lemon
  12. sunglasses (cool ones)
  13. summer rain
  14. sparklers on the fourth of july
  15. strawberry picking
  16. making jam
  17. bedrooms filled with flowers
  18. anything blue and white
  19. listening to the waves
  20. long walks on the beach 
  21. candle light dinners on the deck
  22. kayaking 
  23. local honey
  24. reading under the shade of a tree
  25. coffee on the deck in my pj's
happy beginning of summer to you!

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

I just love your list, you have inspired me to make one too!

Anonymous said...

How about coming to Florida my friend (pon)