Tuesday, January 6, 2015

happy 2015...

how are you?  i never intend to stay away from this space it just gets busy and then
before i know it weeks have gone by.  i feel sometimes that i am overly connected to
social media,  then by the time i get to this space i worry i am repetitious.  i have
been using instagram so much over the holidays, it satisfies my need to take photos and
with a short description,  one click,  it's all done.  simple, clean, and i get to share the
things and people i love.

i find instagram super inspiring - a way to look for the beauty in everything.

instagram love

it goes without saying that i am keeping busy but never too busy
to enjoy the simple pleasure of cooking.  i spent a blissful 2 weeks over the holidays
catching up with family and friends and cooking tons of things i have been wanting to try.
after 2 full weeks of not really using a proper keyboard i am ready to be back to work.  i
hope you enjoyed some time off as well.

i am not one for new years resolutions, i gave them up years ago. what i did start to do in celebration of a new year, was find things that would make my life better. there are just so many things i want to do, food i want to try, places i want to visit, people i want to meet, dinner parties i want to host. so with that in mind, i toast the new year ahead to making life better for myself and my family. i read a few things recently that are great reminders of keeping my new year in check.

1. work with good people, hang out with good people, love good people and everything else will work itself out.
2. reading a book a month can change your life ( i really believe this is true)
3. the way i see the world is my own personal version - no one else shares the exact same version of reality.
4. health should always be your number one priority.
5. simplicity is the key to just about everything.
6. if you love someone - tell them.

as i look back on 2014 i made some observations, they are not new, just reflections.

1. some years have more questions than answers.
2. travel will always make my heart sing.
3. life is a continued lesson.
4. our health is most important.
5. life is a lesson in letting go (we will endlessly be saying goodbye - to people, to things, to places, but we will always be welcoming new things, new people and new places too. i am an immensely attached person so this is really hard for me.
6. there will always be challenges but life is filled with so much more.

and remember nothing of value will ever be forgotten.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Love your words my friend and you :-) Happy New Year and hope you get to Florida this year. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I always like to read your new posts. KT :)