Saturday, April 11, 2015

goodbyes are hard...

"i have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start,  with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning". - joseph priestly.

this has been a super emotional week for sure.  a few weeks ago i resigned my job of 10 years to take on a new opportunity.   it's not often that you make such a big change in your life.  well, at least not often for me.  
there was a lot to consider but in the end it was the right decision.  i have mixed feelings of course but if we never take a leap we never know what lies ahead.  
i am trying to enjoy all the kind gestures from both sides as i move forward into this new adventure.
this week has been filled with dinners and lunches beautiful flowers, gorgeous gifts, so many kind sentiments 
(ones that make me cry) and i am really not a crier.... i got home last week and there was a beautiful fruit and cheese 
basket welcoming me to my new company. all the kindness is honestly amazing.  i can't thank everyone enough.

as i packed my office yesterday,  well, it took more than yesterday...and it took more than me. (thanks Maria for everything)
the memories were all laid out.  i had pictures and emails tucked aside from years past and it reminded me just how much really happens in 10 years.  everything i saw brought back a memory.  had i been grateful enough? nothing lasts forever but i could not have anticipated the speed at which the years flew by.  it's so important to pause now and then and take a look at where we have been.  it's time for me to move forward with a full heart and gratitude for all i have been given.  my goal is always to embrace the joys, the pain, the conflicts,  and all that is part of the human trip.

10 years is a long time.  
when i started this job my youngest was in middle school - she is graduated from college now.
my dad was still alive.  my hair was a different color.  clearly my face had a different map to it.  all the floors in my house were carpeted not hard wood.  i had different neighbors. my friends were all healthy.  i had never been to europe. i was 10 pounds lighter. my house had a formal dining room. in 10 years  8 new little people joined our extended family.  2 of my favorite people still lived  in the state.   facebook was new and there was no instagram.  
and a million other events.  

lastly,  i had yet to meet some amazing people that would change my life in the best way.  xxoo

here's to new beginnings and all that is to come.  these are the discoveries we get to make with the moments we have been given.  

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Awww love this. We miss you so much already. Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

10 years ago on May 16th, your first day was when we met at Millipore. Here's to new beginnings :-) Enjoy your new journey my friend.
Love you

Christine Caetano said...

OMG this post gave me the chills and then when I scrolled down to see the pictures, it put tears in my eyes! (Have I told you lately that I AM a crier ;) Best of luck on your newest adventure. I'm sure you will rock my friend xo