Friday, July 10, 2015

once again my heart is heavy..

when the music is loud and i can't find the words sometimes pictures can tell a story..
the summer is already flying by.  i have been quiet lately, writing less. but there are a million thoughts swirling in my head just getting them down on paper hasn't been easy.  a lot of what i have been doing lately involves shifting gears forcing myself to be positive and to see all the amazing things there are to see.  we live in such a busy world everyone is so bent on getting things done faster,  bigger, better.  lately tho, more often than i'd like to admit i have been reminded how fleeting this life is.  how blessed i am today to have what i have.  enjoy today.  decide to be happy today.
today we finally brought my brother joe to his final resting place.  i hope he looked down and knows how much he was loved, how much he is missed and how much everyone cared about him.

rip sweet love.

the sun was shining down on you...  we make a gift of our lives in simple ways, by being kind, being compassionate, paying attention and doing what we can in whatever time we have.  it's not what we do that really matters its how we do it.  the secret ingredient is love.

love sent, xoxo


Anonymous said...

<3 KT xox

Anonymous said...

God Bless You.