Friday, December 11, 2015

and then it was the middle of december

i know i mention this all the time but time flys. i do have good intentions to blog. 
 i think about a million things to blog about then one day runs into the next.
i had to get back on here to update the header photos to make them more seasonal and i also needed to get that skeleton picture off of front and center as we are waaaay past that season.

i actually didn't skip over thanksgiving it was a wonderful day filled with great family and lots of love and yummy food.

i love all the anticipation and excitement of Christmas. the parties, the food, the cheer! it truly is magical. what i am really hoping for this year is a simple Christmas. i am looking for less of a holiday season filled with "stuff" and more of a home filled with visitors, loud bursts of laughter, lots and lots of delicious food, excited kids running around, and of course wine!

we are getting our tree tomorrow. last year it had already been up for 2 weeks.

alas, every year is different. my mom arrived last week so we are now ready to roll. it will be bittersweet as my brother joe spent a significant amount of time with my mom each year when she visited for Christmas. our hearts will always hold that heaviness. i think that is also my problem with getting motivated on this blog - joe was one of my biggest supporters here. :(

it's easy to get lost in the holidays and there is so much to do in december . i want to try and remember that there is a time after the holidays too. a long cold winter. a time to light candles, make food, invite friends over. let's just plan to have an amazing winter season.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

You're back!!!! Yay!!!! KT :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs sent my friend :-)