Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dark and rainy

cold and dreary today

i hate saying good-bye.
i wanted to stay in bed and hide under the covers today. i wish i had a clear wide open schedule. but i didn’t. life has offered so much activity lately. we have been here and there and over there too. the past 2+ weeks have been non stop. there have been rehearsal parties, weddings, lunches with old friends, new houses to visit,
babies to watch take their first steps, anniversaries toasted, birthdays to celebrate, colleges to visit, heck we even drove to vermont for pizza. but you see the pizza was not really what brought us to vermont, it was for the hugs and the laughter, and it was well worth the trip. when the sun was just about to set and the color of the sky was dark with one beautiful stripe of gorgeous pink.

we hugged one last time and headed home. my parents visit has been filled to the brim with goodness. and when i tell you i don’t know how they do it. i mean i don’t know how they do it. at 86 and 89 they amaze me more and more each time that we are lucky enough to be together. so with prayers of gratitude today we send them back home to florida and with a hopeful heart i wish the appointments this week will be positive and the little detour in this road will be brief.
safe travels.

love sent,
today really feels like fall.


Anonymous said...

Best pizza I ever had........and hugs, too! Who are those two "gordgeous" beauties out shining fall itself!
You made a dark and rainy day bright and sunny, as always, thanks, Dee. Hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Family, it's all about Family. Count our blessings we have a close and loving family where the sun will always shine no matter what! xo

Anonymous said...

Your parents are unbelievable, so happy to have been able to spend time with them.