Sunday, March 27, 2011

on the sweet side of life...

it's no secret that i love to eat. dine in, or take out, healthy, or not so much, it is all amazing to me. 
i guess you could say i am passionate about food.  i take pictures of food every chance i get. most people ask what i  do with all these food pictures.  well... they inspire me.  i feel eating is
such a pleasurable experience. i like nothing better than to linger over a nice dinner with wine, talking with friends.
 in restaurants i feel really weird sneaking out my camera for a photo...but sometimes i just can't resist. after the flash the waiters sort of look around like oh no is this a food critic, or just a weirdo.  thought you might enjoy some of the photos.  fair warning tho  -  they will make you hungry.
ahi tuna...

                                                                             sesame beef

molten lava cake

                                                                             short ribs
                                                                   veal and lobster

                                                                  strawberry short cake
                                                                         bon appetit

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