Thursday, March 10, 2011

winter fling...

i know, i know,  everyone is looking forward to spring and frankly so am i. i am totally looking forward to longer days and lighter clothes.  but... for one last chance to feel the biting cold on your face and forget all your troubles for a few hours, head over to the (if you are local) cambridge community ice skating rink. feel like a kid again. all the info here.  get lighthearted and fill your heart with smiles.  let it wash over you and breath it all in. 
when you find yourself getting tired, head over to one of the local restaurants (all within walking distance) and have some dinner.  or maybe just a hot cocoa or drink of choice.   after burning all those calories you can surely
eat one of these.  
i am not even a dessert person but this was the best apple crisp ever topped with salted caramel ice cream. 
p.s. double bonus -  right now at evoo this week and next,  it's restauraunt week,  3 courses,  with wine $55. 


Anonymous said...

Apple Crisp? My favorite!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun.