Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my muse...

i wish thinking counted as a legitimate activity on my to do list....  it has been raining here for...
it feels like forever.  today should be just lattes, books and napping - but none of which i will get to do.
my thinking is all over the place. i keep thinking of things to write on this blog and i get distracted and
on to something else and i have all these half written ideas and thoughts.
i think if you are writer you have to express yourself to feel fully alive. sometimes you can't always write what you are thinking.  i am not claiming to be a writer but  i just feel better when i get things down on paper.  i want to be creative but sometimes i am more creative at finding excuses.  i have writers block lately.  my muse always knocks on my bedroom door late at night  just as i am drifting off to sleep and i don't have the energy to get up and write things down. i ask nicely for her to come back in the morning but she never does. there are so many  thoughts that are filling up so much space in my head  that i can't get anything out. but eventually something will spark an idea...  and i know with every sentence i write i have learned something...  xoxo

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