Sunday, May 1, 2011

weekend lens...

what a fast weekend, but aren't they all? after racing around all last week it was time to indulge in fun.
so friday night there was a royal wedding celebration hosted by my neighbor, the brit herself. she knows
how to throw a party.  there were lots of cocktails,  lots of hats,  and lots of laughs. it made for the perfect start to the weekend.     some of our favorite shots. 

                        and of course the double kiss on the balcony... women love romance...

she looked so gorgeous...

our party

 the next morning was the ideal time to grab some extra sleep. that didn't last long tho we had to head off to celebrate unlce vinny's 75th.  he loved being the star of the day and  no one loves their family more than him  well... other than auntie mae of course. sweet, sweet,  people.  it was a special day for a wonderful guy.  wishing you many, many, more.  love you.  xo

                                          and whatever debbie had to say looks really interesting... :)

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