Saturday, July 2, 2011

positive words...

i don't think people realize how powerful words are for building a person up but also for chipping away at them, too.    i LOVE so many things about this book, but I especially love this list....

the thoughtful thirty

1. give encouragement
2. express thanks
3. acknowledge others
4. extend greetings
5. give a compliment
6. congratulate someone
7. teach, give instructions
8. offer words of comfort
9. inspire others
10. celebrate and cheer
11. inquire, express interest
12. mend relationships
13. make others laugh
14. show faith and trust
15. share good news
16. praise, honor, build up
17. express caring
18. show understanding and empathy
19. give approval
20. extend an invitation
21. show courtesy and respect
22. give advice and counsel
23. apologize
24. forgive
25. offer to help
26. tell the truth
27. point out the good
28. use terms of affection
29. provide valuable information
30. communicate love

remember kind words have the power to:

cheer us up when the world is getting us down
honor us for our achievements
cause us to laugh
restore our faith in the goodness of humanity
bolster our self image
inspire us to give our best
let us know someone cares
life our spirits
warm our hearts
improve our moods
heal our wounds
acknowledge our hard work
bring out the best in us
boost our confidence
support us in tough times
surprise us with joy in unexpected times
remind us about whats good and right in the world
uphold us during our darkest hour

you will find that every time you make someone feel good, you actually make yourself
feel better too.

love sent, xo

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