Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new drink recipe...

as most of you know i am hosting an annual christmas party for some
friends.  we always like to have a signature martini or two on hand.  last year
we had huge success with a gingerbread martini.  i had high hopes of a repeat
performance.  however, i am losing hope as i have not found the gingerbread liquor
so far this year, except in north carolina.  but, i didn't want to check bags
to take one home. of course, that was when i was sure i would find it up here. an effort to move on and not fret about the loss of the gingerbread idea i found
this ... yes s'mores martini with marshmallow vodka.  are you kidding? marshmallow vodka? 
really? is there a vodka they don't make yet?  this sounds a little decadent for my taste, but i have
some friends that can never get enough chocolate.  i know this would be right for them.

s'more martini     makes 2 martinis
4 ounces marshmallow vodka (or vanilla, whipped cream or cake flavored vodka)
4 ounces Godiva chocolate liqueur
2 ounces bailey’s irish cream liqueur
4 ounces cream/half and half or milk
chocolate syrup

graham cracker crumbs
vanilla frosting for glass rimming
mini marshmallows

dip the rim of you glass in a bit of frosting, then dip into graham cracker crumbs. pour about 1/2 teaspoon chocolate syrup into the bottom of the glass. combine vodka, baileys, godiva and cream in a shaker with ice.  shake for 15 seconds. pour into glass. top with mini marshmallows skewered on a toothpick after you have roasted them (if you want )

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Anonymous said...

seriously! this just looks and sounds amazing!