Friday, May 4, 2012

i am currently

eating ...      actually skipping dinner until later on.  i hope it's worth the wait.

reading... the last book of 50 shades of grey... oh my

watching.. the voice and i love it.  i don't usually watch television.

listening to.. the rain.  it's been raining all week.   i have to say my grass looks sooo green.

dreaming of... sunny days and warm nights.

anticipating... vacation this summer. i need time at the beach.  sun and sand are in my future.
for the love of sunshine and freckles it must happen.

loving... carrie underwoods new CD

creating... a wall of pictures on my stairway.

appreciating... how lucky i am for all that i have been blessed with.

learning... that life is always evolving and forever changing good and bad.

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