Sunday, July 8, 2012


... happiness feels like it goes on forever... this 4th of july week/weekend has been filled with
love and awesomeness.  we started on tuesday night with a rehearsal dinner for the friday night family wedding and it was -

                                                               so. much. fun.

gram and shan

wednesday was filled with fun and fireworks.  seriously -  thank you stacey and johnny for a fantastic day/evening. 
and the amazing espresso martini.

thursday -  we made waffles for breakfast -  just to start the day off right.
then on to friday night for the wedding -but  not just any wedding -  a family event to hold in our hearts for a long time to come.  congrats to shannon and steve on this very special day.

marry me - say you will 

" together forever can never be long enough for me. "

"promise me, you will always be - happy by my side,  
i'll sing to you when all the music dies. "
wishing you a long and happy life together

                                                                       love was all around.

today we spent the day in rockport and it was awesome.
just an incredible day. a day when the sun is warm and the sky is so blue.
and it really feels like happiness can go on forever...
so, it was an amazing start to july. 

 happy 4th weekend.  hope you enjoyed some fireworks of your own.




love sent, xo

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