Sunday, July 29, 2012

i love summer nights...

i am not really a planner.  there is no such thing as a planned anything (for me anyway).  a planned career,  a planned pregnancy, a planned vacation.  heck i can't even plan an afternoon -  it rains or someone gets sick.  but that is the magic.  we have no idea until the storm passes and we can see all the beauty that remains.  there is so much magic. magic exists in the littlest moments and in the lightening storms of life. it doesn't matter what i wanted, or what i thought i'd be, or who i wished i'd be, things happen. then more things happen, and more things after that.  and all the things that aren't suppose to happen will happen because all the things that were suppose to happen didn't.  that's just how life goes  - dealing with the unplanned.  magic lives between the to-do lists, and the dead battery, and the rainy sunday afternoons.
these moments remind us we are not in charge. but i want to be part of the good, the bad, the painful,
the beautiful, and everything in between.  it makes me feel alive. the water might be choppy but i will always navigate through it.  the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. "those who don't believe in magic will never find it." (roald dahl)  i am immensely grateful, more than i can express, at the frequency in which the world, and my life takes my breath away.
slow down.
notice and pay attention.
because soon the day will be over.
and the lights will go out.
the moments will pass.
because all moments do.

hope you had a wonderful weekend.
love sent, xo

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Love <3