Thursday, August 2, 2012

grilled stuffed zucchini

-cut zucchini in half long ways down the middle.
-scoop out the seeds, so you have your little zucchini boat.

-brush with olive oil.

-place on an oiled grill flesh side down (medium-ish heat), close the lid, and let it cook for about 8-10 minutes. check in on them so they don't overcook--all grills cook differently. you want them to be fork tender, but not quite all the way done.

-make your filling. I used: (measurements approximate-it will all depend on how big your zucchini is)

1 cup butter beans
2 small tomatoes
small handful chopped kalamata olives
small handful of chopped green onions
small handful of goat cheese
about 1/4c basil pesto
pinch of sea salt

mix together.
fill your zucchini and top with another sprinkle of goat cheese
place them back on the grill, this time skin-side down, close the lid and let them cook for about 5 more minutes, until zucchini is all the way tender, and filling is heated through.

top with a sprinkle of chopped arugula.

makes a fantastic healthy lunch.

love sent, xo

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