Thursday, August 9, 2012

on caring...

i have people who love me.
i have people who do sweet things for me.
like buy me wine and give me hair treatments.
people that make me coffee and make me me laugh.
there are people who loan me books and invite me to their beach house.
people who give me beauty samples and take me out on dates.
people who listen endlessly to all my work stories and never complain.
people who send me photos that make me smile.
people who txt me just to let me know they are thinking of me.
people who send me flowers and leave me love notes.
people who make me brownies and give me ideas for all
my vacation dreams. people who come to concerts with me.
people who bike ride with me. people who shop with me.
people who give me new recipes and people who send me sweet
emails.  people who compliment me and make me feel special.
people who make me feel loved every. single. day.

i am lucky.

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Anonymous said...

We are lucky. xo