Thursday, August 30, 2012

i'm back...

lately i have been lacking inspiration.  it's a normal part of life i guess.  it seems the more i think the less
i feel like writing.  i feel sort of luke warm. i like it better when i feel hot or cold.  i need passion.
but,  i have been here before and i know it will pass.  it won't be long before i am riding the waves again.  i am not sure where the time goes.  i was going to post an update everyday for the past three weeks.
but one day turned into the next and so on.   then.... someone prompted me to get going.

we have had an amazing summer.  lots of vacations, lots of beach time, lots of family time.  the
weather has totally been on our side this year.  our vacation was blessed with blue skies and yellow sun.
i enjoyed clock free days, flip flops, long walks, road trips, and lots of glorious food. i had time to catch up on sleep, read books, and enjoy the people i love. just a few snap shots of my favorite moments.

love sent, xo

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