Tuesday, February 5, 2013

nine days to valentines day

over the weekend we checked out a whole lot of valentine dinner options.  for many years when the kids were young we stayed home on valentines day. a catering company near our home offered a valentine dinner mostly prepared and beautifully packaged in a large white box tied up with a gorgeous red bow.  inside the box were 2 appetizers, 2 soups or salads, 2 entrees, 2 desserts, a bottle of wine and candles.  included were simple instructions for preparing the final result. after we made the kids their special valentine dinner.
something like this.   

we would set the table for our special dinner.  it was a dinner shared by two people who had 3 little kids and not a lot of alone time.  as the kids got older they got involved, they would dress up as waiters (black pants, white shirts), calling themselves Charles and James, and with napkins slung over their forearms,  they took orders and prepared the dinner.  this has always remained one of my most favorite memories.  they even put a black board in the entry way so when we arrived home it showed the special for the evening. remembering this reminds me how such a simple thing can fill your heart with love forever.  we love to go out to dinner, but it's usually so crazy and so crowded on valentine's day that we are considering staying home and making our own special dinner just like the old days. 

set a beautiful table
with beautiful flowers
wear something beautiful
prepare an easy starter
then a beautiful appetizer
make a simple dinner (fresh pasta with shrimp)
add my new favorite wine (this is awesome)
and finish with a beautiful souffle.

order something for later that will
make you feel beautiful

love sent xo

p.s.  today is world nutella day.  check it out   here   i believe this means you can eat as
much nutella as you want and there is no calorie count.  (just for today tho)

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You're so damn cute i cant even take it!!!! KT :) I hope you have figured out the initials... its Kerry <3