Tuesday, February 26, 2013

checking in...

it's already tuesday. wow. as usual  the weekend flew by. my computer crashed again and i am not happy.
looks like i will have to decide whether or not to go with a mac for this next purchase.  soo frustrating.
a wrap up of the weekend.

sadly, we said goodbye to a really special lady.  someone who lived a great long life and had a smile
i  will miss forever.  someone who sent cards to all of us for every special occasion and every
not so special occasion.  a person who was kind and caring and made all of us feel so important.
this was also oscar weekend, a time for our annual oscar party where we roll out the red carpet.
evie would have totally loved this.  so here's to you sweet evie, someone who loved glamour and who always told everyone how beautiful they looked.

sending love.   sleep well.

the oscar party was a huge success.  everyone always has so much fun.  madame president is such a
gracious host.

                                                     posing with madame president

the almost complete line up
                              the rose colored glasses we all look through  -    at least for one day.
                                                                         the amazing food

                                                                          marilyn came

                                                                 taylor swift was there

                                                                           anna nicole
                                                        even osama  -  but we took him out
                                                                     tallying the voting

                                                                         the afterparty.

                                                                          the goody bags

we stayed up waaaay past our bed times but it's the best event of the winter.  can't wait to do it all again.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome!!! Omg i LOVE your dress!! You have the best life ever!!!! KT :)

Anonymous said...

What a party !!! You ladies know how to have fun. So creative with the food. I love love your dress. And we know where you bought it. Such a STEAL !!!!!po

Anonymous said...

So much fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I want to belong to this group of fun people!