Monday, March 4, 2013

dear me,

this past week we went through piles of pictures of days gone by.  pictures that made me
laugh and some almost cry.  i sat there looking at a picture of myself when i was quite young.
i sat there wondering what she thought of me and wondered what i might tell her about
moving forward and navigating her world.

i would want her to know how to prioritize good experiences,  learn all you can, and that a good education
will broaden your horizons. 

money, yes money is important but if you make enough to eat well, dress for the season, and have a
vacation now and then,  you will be content.  more is not always better.  although some days you will think so.

you will care about and fall in love with some guys that aren't right for you, but it's ok it's better
than being closed off.  i promise, you will meet someone who will make your life better and you
will do the same for them.

some essentials in life are: good olive oil and coarse salt, they make most things better.  a pair
of good fitting jeans and a plain white tee will always come in really handy.  shoes matter too, but
trust me,  you will buy way more than you need.

these essentials should rest upon a caring heart, a safe home, self confidence, and a small group of people who believe in you - lucky for you, you already have this.

you will be happy and you will be sad too, but the two actually add depth to your life.

just remember to step aside once in a while and look around, it's all good stuff.

                                                   and don't forget the olive oil. 

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Love this.

Anonymous said...

Neat KT :)

Anonymous said...

I would also tell her that she would make a difference is so many lives. :-) po

Christine McGrath said...

Love this and you!