Monday, July 29, 2013

a dreamy mid summer weekend.

before every summer begins i envision sitting in my beach chair, warm sun on my skin, sand under my bare feet and endless reading - magazines, beach reads, catalogs etc. time will be endless.   i always leave the beach chairs in the car so hopefully many impromptu beach visits can happen.  there never seems to be enough visits or enough time.  i dream of warm evenings at outside cafes and catching the scent of firewood while toasting smores over an open fire pit.  i plan lots of visits catching up with family and friends.   

but...  this morning i realized that july is almost over,  didn’t summer just start? i've been experiencing this disbelief at an ever-increasing rate: at time’s passing.  when did all of this happen? time is tricky.  days are never long enough. some weeks pass in a blur, but hours stretch out for an eternity. years go by in an instant. each one shorter and shorter.  i try not to think about it but it’ll be some sort of moment where i turn over in the heaviness of sleep  and in those few seconds when i try to return to slumber the spell is broken and suddenly i feel the weight of time. 
at the height of summer, even as i savor the long days and blue skies for which i yearned all winter for, i’m always aware that it’s already on its way out.   here i am at the apex of another summer, feeling the way the last days of this particular month make up a strange equation of endings and beginning’s. at the beach house surrounded by all our family and friends  i think of all that changes and all that stays the same, and happiness swells alongside sadness in my chest.


love sent, xo



Anonymous said...

Looked like a fun time! KT :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your visit so we can put our beach chairs in the sand and enjoy the beautiful florida beach. Miss you. (pon)