Saturday, July 20, 2013

when you add it all up.

we are the sum of every whim and thought, every move and experience both good and bad in this short time we have on this earth. 

so don't regret anything.

sometimes we express our individuality by doing something on impulse. for some of us it's just how
we are built.  others have to think for a very long time about whatever it is they may want/need to do.
sometimes my impulses are good and sometimes not so good.  but it's me. it's what makes everyone unique.  sometimes i start fires and sometimes i put them out.

i am increasingly convinced that the key to happiness and success in this life is the ability to course-correct.  if you make a mistake you can't wallow in it,  you have to learn the lesson and move on.
learn how to let go of our failures rather than to let them bring us down and to let go of how we wanted it to be so that we can have it as it is.  i don’t want to ruin these days by attaching myself to all the ways that they disappoint me.  if i do that i miss their extraordinary brilliance. 

when i have a good day i write about it and when i have a bad day i write about that too. and on a bad day usually when i have finished the post i can find the silver lining.   this space reminds me that every person that enters your life has some purpose. there will be friends that come and go there will be scrapes and scars, happiness and trials, pain and peace, love and loss, celebrations and heartaches.
memories will be made.

my life is right here in front of me. i have a deep desire to be aware and present in the every day moments.
i remember when i decided to start this blog -  just on a whim. i never thought i would still be making entries several years later.  i don't always stick to things that long.   it was a space to capture pictures and feelings and ideas and recipes and it has worked. i have captured some feelings here that i am happy i documented. feelings that run like a deep river through  my very being.

on this road called life we pick up great lessons in  the form of pebbles, bumps, or highlands. whether we choose to apply these lessons to our everyday life or not, ultimately makes us the people we become. many of us would choose to only remember the negative for those are the lessons that tend to leave the greatest impact,  but i don't like negativity.  i like to be positive. not unicorns and princesses but i like to find the silver lining in all of life's lessons.

i live believing there is always sunshine around the corner.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

I wish you could carry me around in your pocket KT:)

Anonymous said...

It is a really good way to live.

Christine Caetano said...

Thank you so much for this one...Hit home in so many ways for me! <3

Anonymous said...

The cloud says it all !! HEART !! Love u