Wednesday, March 19, 2014

my answers...

i was asked some questions.....

 what is your favorite journey?
coming home, from anywhere. i love my little corner of the world. but i also love any kind of a journey.

 what was your best read so far this year?  
the book thief, by markus zusak.

what was  your favorite movie so far this year?
philomenia, i loved it. i loved Ireland and the landscape in the movie was beautiful.
the story is so touching so heartbreaking and beautiful.

 if the sun is shining, where do you go?
toward the ocean, i gravitate toward water when it's sunny.  i can't wait for warmer days.
beach walks and picnics.

 where’s next on your ‘must visit’ list?
 i have so many places i want to see,  so i'm really not sure. but i am thinking I would love to visit  france again, actually, it is a sure bet. we've pondered so many options lately and greece is up there too.

 what are your words to live by?
life is always changing, live in the moment and have no regrets.

tell me a joke.
what did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? it gave a little wine.  so corny but i love it.

...    and a song that really moves me.


hope you had a great day.

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. Miss you. Put Florida on your list too :-)