Thursday, March 20, 2014


i know i need  to simplify and slow things down a bit.  i think we tend to make our lives more complicated than they need to be..  when i am  in the throws of my self imposed boot camp, i tend to forget that i actually have control over some things.  i often ignore the signs of burn out until i am at the point where i don't feel like doing anything.  my life has been stressful since the start of this year and i know i have to get better at taking time for myself.    when i don't my creativity feels entirely exhausted.  i push so hard through my mile long list of  to-dos and then  by the time i get to relax its midnight and i am so overtired.  then as a result, my mind is never really quiet and i'm skipping right over that much needed sleep.  and... i wonder why my head feels over full and foggy.
this weekend i plan to live in my yoga pants & ballet flats, maybe  take a few naps, hang out and watch a few movies. stuff i never do that i think would be very good for the soul.  even if i just hang out at home and clean my house.  (i'll let you know how this works out  :) 
most of us have very busy, full, lives it's how we respond to things that makes the difference.  sometimes a few minor changes can make a big difference.

i love thoreau.

this is such a peaceful picture.
my dad took us so often to walden pond, it holds a special place in my heart.  

 Tried and True Tips for More Mindful Living

1. find a quiet place to breathe deeply and just be for a few moments several times throughout the day.
2. eat healthy & exercise daily.  drink water often.
3. identify your favorite comfy chic wardrobe essentials, stock up and wear with them with confidence.
4. simplify all aspects of your life by reducing clutter (mental & physical). start with your closet and your kitchen.
5. swap out your afternoon coffee and self imposed pressure for herbal tea.
6. focus on what you are grateful will see your gratitude grow from there.
7. when you experience writers block and the creative blahs, take a break.  it is ok, and you will be better for it.
8. be you, never play the comparison game.
9. light a candle.
10. remember that most of the time...less is more.
love sent,  xo

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