Thursday, May 22, 2014

just another random thursday...

it's thursday 10:28 pm, another week is winding down.  i am not sure where it went.  the house
is quiet.   it's a beautiful spring evening and we had a really nice dinner tonight.  it has stopped raining and i am enjoying the silence.  tomorrow will be another story when the house will be chaos and filled with lots of recent graduates stopping in on the way to their next adventure.  tonight was one of those "moments" when all is right with the world.  you meet friends unexpectedly and share hugs and feel so happy to be where you are in this world.  we hold on to these moments because they have the power to sustain us through the not so happy moments.   my favorite times are the moments that are very ordinary where there is laughter and surprises and sharing an ice cream sundae.  simple moments to remember.
tonight i looked up at the sky and how it framed my world today and embraced the moments of this random thursday.

                                       simple things that made me happy today

wishing you love,

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Wishing you love too.