Friday, May 2, 2014

the ride is almost over...

wow.  friday again.  
before we get into this next weekend i wanted to post some of my favorite photos from last weekend.   last weekend was so bittersweet.  i am so very proud of m, yet so sad that this piece of her journey is coming to an end.  she has had an amazing 4 years, but why does it all have to go so fast?
here's to a new adventure.
there are so many new horizons to explore, so many experiences and adventures to be had.
but there is this small piece of me that mourns all the hours, days, weeks and years that i can never get back.
heartbreak and joy woven into every moment of every day.

i love you.

                                                                     celebratory dinner.

love you,  xoxo


Anonymous said...

It does go so fast. M is an awesome person with so much talent. Congratulations. xo

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Wow those four years flew by!! She has a lot to offer! KT :)

Anonymous said...

She is an amazing person. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So proud of M. Can't believe she is graduating. Now she begins another journey. I would love to buy of the the T-shirts she designed. Love u (pon)

lynne said...

Mic is one of the sweetest souls i know ...she is beautiful and confident and loving and leads with her heart. She reminds me of a special friend i have