Tuesday, November 4, 2014

on to november...

halloween night after all the kids had gone home and the lights were turned off we headed
out for a late dinner.  we have a favorite local place that is actually best when it's a bit later
in the evening.  we arrived to two perfect empty seats at the bar.  before we made it to our
seats we ran into an old friend who was in town for a brief visit.  it was such a nice surprise to run into him and catch up for a bit. our friendship has spanned many, many years
so it was particularly fun to hear all the updates regarding his kids etc.  i was reminded, as always, how lucky we have been to have so many wonderful friends in our lives.   

                                             love you toby - wish we were still neighbors

when i opened the menu there were some seasonal specials and right there much to my delight was a pumpkin martini.  i have been looking for one all season. it was made with crop (organic) pumpkin vodka and a pumpkin liquor which i failed to get the name of.  i have had other
pumpkin liquors that just haven't been the same. this one was really good. i guess i will just have to go back for another one and pay closer attention to the brand. just those two ingredients finished off with a graham cracker rim (half the fun) and it was perfect.   in the meantime i decided to purchase the crop pumpkin vodka and have it on hand for thanksgiving.  and speaking of thanksgiving i have offered to host again this year so  i am already checking out menu ideas and tablescapes.   

maybe something like this  .. i love the rustic look

                                                                        kids table

so many choices.   i love pinterest.

stay tuned..

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

I love all of those tables!!! Of course yours will look just as good if not better! KT :)

Anonymous said...

Love them. I'm also hosting Thanksgiving in Florida this year. Thanksgiving is my holiday. Miss you (pon)