Monday, November 3, 2014

capsule wardrobe and other thoughts

how was your weekend? we had a very productive weekend which i was really happy about. although when i look around it doesn't look that productive, but i did get rid of 4 bags of clothes, yikes, 2 boxes of shoes lots of other bits and pieces. now i just have to stay off line long enough to not buy replacements for what i just dumped. i am seeing all over the internet this new capsule dressing idea. where you actually only use something like 24 - 36 pieces of clothing including shoes and accessories for a three month period. ... hmm....this... is way past what i could manage. although i am trying hard to come up with a reasonable middle ground. the goal is to take the "thinking about what to wear" out of the equation, which would be super helpful to me in the morning. this past summer i actually bought several dresses which made things quite simple i must say. one and done. but of course it was also summer, and to me, much easier to survive with less items. i am  using this for motivation  it will take some planning but i think it would be worth it.
my goal is to pick out 36 pieces and box up the remainder without actually getting rid of it quite yet. then... see how it goes. i bet i won't miss stuff as much as i think. all of us tend to go to our favorite pieces over and over. and... just think, it would force you to become more creative in your dressing style. what do you think? would you try this? going through my clothes over the weekend i actually have like 50 scarves alone that i was trying to purge through. i tend to accumulate, shoes and scarves by the dozens. i am going to go with 36 pieces of clothing not counting, shoes and accessories and see how it goes. i am thinking i can try it for a month. i'll let you know how it's going. we didn't have as many trick or treaters as we have had in the past, so of course i now have way more candy than i need around the house.  i will be bringing it to work for sure. here is a nice guideline tho if you want to keep track of what might be the best option when you need a chocolate fix.
halloween candy exchange rate   why eat one almond joy if you can eat three mounds for the same

spending a bit of time at home this weekend was really beneficial in a lot of ways.  it gave me time to
purge things but also to catch up on mindless stuff like perusing the internet for fun stuff.
like this  and watching this crazy movie .
i also went through tons of pictures of france and can't wait to have a couple printed up on
canvas.   this site does an excellent job and its even 30 percent off

happy monday everyone. love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

I think you can definitely do the clothing thing...neat idea to try! I love reading your blog KT :)

Anonymous said...

You have such great style. You could make many great outfits I am sure.