Thursday, October 30, 2014

ready for the weekend? definitely!

we have not been home on a weekend in over 2 months.  i am not sure how the time got so packed but it just did... it's all been super fun - catching up with people, attending weddings, going on vacation, girls weekend and so on. but this weekend you will find me just hanging out. we plan on carving up some pumpkins, enjoying all the little goblins and celebrating the youngest member of our extended families first birthday!! then, just like that, saturday is a new month! november feels like comfort. cozy. warmth. crackling fires and spice cider. brown, crunchy leaves, and chunky-knit sweaters. and it’s a time to be grateful. this will be a weekend of planning, reflecting and remembering how many great days are coming up.

    my favorite photo this week.

    my favorite birthday boy

   my favorite new product

  my favorite two little words
  what else?

 everyone can have bad days no matter how great their life may be.   there are these two little words that i find can be so comforting.  when your friend is talking about her worries, she's probably also wondering if she's annoying you. the best thing you can say to someone who's spilling her woes? "what else?" you'll show her that you support her and want her to share all her thoughts--as long as it takes. i remember when i got divorced  how desperate i felt, i would go on and on about my troubles and my friend Pat used to say :  ("mmmhmm, i know...what else?"), and  i cannot tell you how amazing it was. just those two little words  might make someone's day.  

 my favorite new cookbook

 my favorite read this week

 my favorite recipe find this week

                                                           happy halloween everyone!!

love sent, xoxo

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The puppy is soooo cute!! KT :)