Wednesday, October 15, 2014

mid october

beautiful golden october.

time, as usual, escapes so quickly.  i guess that's a good sign.
the days are full and my heart is happy.  this past weekend was such a gorgeous fall weekend.
i often think it's such a shame that the foliage can't last longer. but, that's probably
what makes it even more beautiful, the fleetingness of it all.  the days were sunny and crisp
and the nights were made for cozy anything.  in my world - the perfect season.

we had an extra day this weekend, one that was an added bonus.

i made lots of lists and i had intended to bake lots of things and then there were just so many outside places calling my name.
we had the most amazing risotto i have ever eaten.  seriously,  i have been dreaming about it.  it was that good.  i will try to duplicate it as soon as possible.  it might just have to wait a bit because we will be away again this coming weekend and trying to pull that off during the week can be a challenge with the length of time risotto should really cook to make it perfect.

if your travels take you to new hampshire for leaf peaking this weekend then here are a few places you shouldn't miss.

you should plan to stop at this vintage bakery  get there early because they sell out really
fast.  once you go you will see why.  there are different specials each day,  they are closed
on mondays and tuesdays.  buy some amazing danish or a ham and cheese croissant, enjoy a fall latte and don't forget....

to buy some breads to have later for your picnic along jackson falls. jackson falls is a beautiful peaceful spot that is worth visiting year round.  if you like photography, don't miss it. be careful climbing along the rocks as the water changes rapidly.  it's a year round gem, each season  holds its own beauty.

i can't tell you how many times we had past this restaurant  before we actually tried it.  of all the
years we have been going up north it was only a couple of years ago that we realized what an
incredible spot and it's practically in our back yard.  a city grade meal in a country setting
the atmosphere is rustic and romantic and the food is incredible.   they also have a great wine list. it is the exact spot i had the risotto. (you know the one i hope to duplicate)
if you can snag a high top table in front of the fireplace your evening will be complete.

i think i missed the restaurant because i was always so in tuned to heading directly into
the country store for the most amazing cider donuts i have ever eaten.  hot,  directly out of the oven.

they were pressing cider on saturday and it was really fun to watch.

another location in jackson that has so much old fashion charm is nestlenook farm.  walk the grounds, take a horse drawn carriage ride, go ice skating in the winter time.  it's a perfect spot, lots of fire pits throughout the grounds and it's a great place to spend some time just taking in the scenery.

the wentworth inn in jackson is also a nice place for dinner.
if you are looking for a place to stay this place is really beautiful 
if you are just looking for decent food and a great beer you can't beat this brewery

just remember as the wind brushes by, listen to the leaves.  too much is never enough.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

You look so happy. I am so happy for you. xxoo

Anonymous said...

that foliage is simply amazing! the brilliant reds and golds are just breathtaking!!

Anonymous said...

that foliage is simply amazing! the brilliant reds and golds are just breathtaking!!

Anonymous said...

You go to so many cool places!!! Love your braid! KT :)

Anonymous said...

Another great weekend coming up. Get your dancing shoes on.