Tuesday, October 7, 2014

paris holiday

on that cold evening in february when we booked our trip to paris we imagined a magical place.

my dream was to peruse pastries shops, walk along cobblestone streets and drink lots of wine. paris was more beautiful than i had imagined. each building was a work of art, worthy of it's own postcard. each day we took part in devouring croissants, rich cheeses, beautiful french cuisine and the wines of the region. we walked for miles just taking in all there was to see.  stopping often for a cappuccino and just soaking in the beauty. there were so many things we loved about the city. it's beautiful gardens in the park at luxembourg, the weather was summer like and the flowers were abundant.
standing under the eiffel tower took our breath away. the city lights at night were spectacular.  lunch along the seine  over looking notre dame cathedral was one of the most romantic lunches i have ever had.  the louvre was the largest building i have ever seen, nearly a mile in length.

                                                               luxembourg park

                                                    the eiffel tower was magical
                           the locks of love bridge.   sign your names to a locket and throw the keys into the river for everlasting love.
lunch on the seine river 
the cathedral of notre dame 
the louvre

the endless outside cafes
the markets on every corner

lunch in les baux

one of my favorite dishes in france - moules-frites

chateau de chambord
the harbor in caen

we made our way up to normandy where i wasn't sure what to expect.   it was truly a moving
expereince  - one i was glad i did not miss.

we made our way down to provence and the french riviera.   it was still summer in the south of france.  we soaked up the sunshine knowing we are not far from our long winter nights. we visited the beautiful town of arles and avingnon.  the bright reds and blue roof tops complimented the warm sun.

 a stark contrast from the grays of paris. we made our way through old town marveling at the beauty of the cobblestones streets just made for leisurely strolls, stopping at open markets and sitting at outside cafes sipping lattes and wine.

we couldn't be so close to monaco and not stop by.  the monte carlo casino was the most incredible spot i had ever been to.  the wealth is unsurpassed.
the yachts in the harbor at monaco

the beautiful beaches in the town of nice was a lovely way to spend a few days. 
the mediterranean was so blue

we had an incredible vacation.  we felt truly blessed. enjoying the slow speed of life was just what we needed.  the people were friendly and the country was kind.  we will mostly definitely go back.
dreams do come true.  a reminder to slow down,  pay attention and drink it in.  and don't forget to share it with the ones you love.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you had a great trip!!! I've missed your posts...glad your back!! KT :)

Anonymous said...

So happy that you had an amazing vacation. Pictures are wonderful. You
are such a fun couple. xo

Anonymous said...

Your photos are unbelievable! What a fantastic time you had. Soo good to hear all is well. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. What a great experience you had in France. Lots of wonderful memories. Miss you my friend (pon)

Anonymous said...

Spectacular photos you guys deserve the best so happy for you.