Tuesday, February 24, 2015

and the winner is.....

everyone. ...  this is like the female version of super bowl...  5th annual oscar night.

we had such an awesome time.  thanks to sharon for hosting this annual event and making all our january and february tuesday nights more exciting.
thanks for making this never ending winter far more bearable.

               our red carpet worthy crackers and cheese.  these look really cute and the red dresses were easy but the tuxedo cheese was quite challenging, not sure i would bother again.

                       of course you have to have star tortilla chips.  they were super easy to make and i was so happy with how they came out.  they would be perfect for lots of party themes

                                                brie with honey, sage and walnuts.

this was super easy and honestly tasted much better than i thought it would. presentation was far more glamorous before the other pear got tossed in and the crackers got moved around.  i topped it with gold edible sprinkles for extra glamour.

beautiful cake made by emily 

thanks again sharon !!   xoxo   love you guys!

while we are being glamorous, a reminder from the pros


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome, always having fun.
I love it and I love your food ideas. The fashion police say you all look marvelous.

Anonymous said...

You have so much fun. I love all the girl time. Miss you so much. xxoo