Saturday, June 20, 2009

it's father's day...

dear dad,

on this father's day i wanted to say thanks for a couple of things.

first off tho i hope today you are rewarded with a good golf game.

thanks for making our milk turn green on st. patrick's day.
thanks for playing tricks on april fool's day. (love the watch on the fishing line)
thanks for taking us food shopping and letting us hang off the cart and for buying us candy.
thanks for taking us canoeing.
thanks for taking us to maine in the summer and teaching us how to live in the close quarters of a trailer.

thanks for taking all those dorky movies of us on christmas morning. (they are so flattering)
thanks for taking us ice skating and making us believe we were as good as peggy fleming.
thanks for taking us to the drive in movie.
thanks for taking us to millis and showing us how much you loved the country. (even tho we learned how to inhale cigarettes out in the woods that winky stole from bruce (r.i.p.) but we were careful we had an ashtray with water.
thanks for letting us go riding with moe's boyfriend in the convertible with no seat belts.
thanks for building us that stereo system so i could listen to build me up buttercup repeatedly for days on end.
thanks for the loving arms that caught me when i came off the ride in maine so very sick from spinning.
thanks for not killing me when two boyfriends came calling at the front and back doors at the same time.
thanks for taking me to my very first red sox night game - to this day i still remember exactly how i felt.
thanks for always helping me with my homework. (even tho i secretly just wanted you to give me the answers)
thanks for delivering me valentine candy to my house in lowell in a brown bag like that of a secret admirer.
thanks for coming to see me at lowell general when my preemie baby lay in the nursery there and giving me love and promising me he would be okay.
thanks for letting me come to your office to show off your new grandchild.
thanks for your wit and teasing especially to the grandchildren.
thanks for crying with me the day i came home from divorce court.
thanks for sending me emails that make me laugh.
thanks for making me proud to be your daughter.
thanks for not getting mad at me for making fun of your fashion sense. (or lack there of)
thanks for always making me feel you are proud of me.

you may be a man of few words but your love came through loud and clear.

i love you dad, dee
happy father's day.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. It's funny how all these little things stick in our memories that show how much we are really loved and cared for. They are the glue that bonds our hearts together!