Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I love going to the movies - i am not a good movie critic per se i just love to go. i hardly ever watch movies at home . i will go out to one anytime the opportunity presents itself. this past weekend we went to see the proposal, with sandra bullock. i am giving it a thumbs up. i would put it in the "cute" category, nothing that you couldn’t miss but if you are looking to get out of the rain this could work. i am always hesitant to suggest a movie to other people because movies are - well, such a personal choice. i can always count on a movie review from my mom who #1 goes to a lot of movies and #2 i believe she and i have the same movie desires which are to - maybe laugh, to cry, to think, to feel. looks as tho there are some others coming up this summer worth marking up your calendar for.

ice age "dawn of the dinosaurs" (release date - july 4th) (these are worth seeing) always entertaining, very cute.

time traveler's wife (release date - august 14th) this is “a big event” it pulls you in. people like me who like magical romance… and i love rachael mcadams, i need to go, it's on my calendar. see the trailor here

public enemies (release date - july 1st) i am not usually a gangster movie goer but i do like johnny depp.

paper heart (release date - august 14th) looks cute, silly, kind of on the borat idea.

500 days of summer (release date - august 20th) my favorite kind, another love story. the trailer made my heart skip a beat. feel the love here

julie and julia (release date - august 7th) this is a must for me because of my food passion. it's made up of two true stories.

my sister's keeper (release date - june 26th) i am not sure i can see this - this is from the directors of “the notebook” one of my very favorites but i am just not sure i can handle this - i didnt' make it through the preview. just about ripped my heart out of my chest…

meet me about half way up, stadium seating, end seat.
i will have popcorn to share - i’ll save you a seat.

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Anonymous said...

Count me in, I love popcorn!!