Friday, August 7, 2009

a better view of paradise...

my week is almost up. fun in the sun is almost history for this year. it's early morning and i am sitting on the deck of my rented beach house, the same beach house i have rented for over 15 years - at a beach where i have been residing the first week of august for decades. i am sipping coffee, listening to birds chirping and watching the lady across the street tend to her beautiful flowers - i can hear the ocean. this has by far been the best week of the summer, this summer we have been plagued with endless rain. this week has been near perfect, i am grateful. it's peaceful here, i am surrounded by lots of family, lots of friends, the same drill we have been doing for years. everything is so much "the same" and everything is so different. each year there are new memories made. there is a cool breeze blowing - it's august letting me know that summer is actually shifting toward it's closing sign. a man strolls by with a cheerful hello, the sort of man people notice, tan and fit, he has silver hair. we smile at each other he moves past. i wonder if he has been coming here as long as i have, if he has memories here and history. today my little niece turns 21. every year we have celebrated her birthday here - how can this be year 21? i remember the year she was born - i picked forbidden flowers from a rented beach house to bring them to the hospital. she sported a ribbon in her hair - such excitement - a little girl, after two big brothers, one of those brothers just recently engaged. there goes the time again. she was visiting the beach within the week of her birth being pushed by her little cousin who is now about to birth her second child. i watch the kids running on the beach, a new generation and i feel grateful, so many memories here. people come and go things change every year, but memories can't be taken away another year of memories packed up and stored away. another year of special moments. it's like riding a motorbike down the coast - exhilarating and fun, freedom, a feeling of completeness, a feeling of love. thanks summer of 2009 for another summer of sweetness a promise that more special moments are to be had.
each year new memories are made and there will be many more to come. Happy Happy Birthday Katie !!

family dinner summer 2009.


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