Friday, August 28, 2009

friday, friday, you are here again....

sometimes i am one stoplight aways from making a decision to go to dunkin donuts or starbucks and truly at that moment i still do not know what my decision will be. i find that is true in my life also. i almost hate to admit it but i don't have a big plan. i hate rules and long range plans. i make plans but there is always the possibility of change. this is not to say i am not dependable i "think" most people would say that i can be counted on to do what i say. i just never seem to have 100% certainty of things - there is always this 2% gap that i have open that says go with the flow in case i have to shift gears at a moments notice. maybe this is a good thing. i read a blog post the other day where the person had an entire snippet of their blog posts for the next 2 weeks. this person clearly even has an organized blog future so unlike me who is blogging while i get dressed or between making dinner or writing a thought down as i think of it before it escapes me forever. so beware my blogs don't have a lot of prework to them. sometimes it's just what's in my heart at the moment. and at this moment i say fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

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