Wednesday, August 19, 2009

moments enjoyed...

happy wednesday.
i started to blog on monday and didn't finish.
the days pass to quickly.
how was the weekend? seems so long ago.
mine was nice. really sunny and hot.
on saturday i went for a bike ride it ended with breakfast - eating more calories than i peddled.
ate nice food with friends on sat night. i loved having them. hope they will come more often.

sunday - a sunny afternoon at the beach. . any days spent with my bff christine
are always so inspiring. she is incredible - a mentor on how to act when life
gives you a whole bunch of lemons.
soaked up the sun. admired all the colorful beach umbrellas and thought of how soon they will be gone, packed away for another season.
monday - went to dinner with my boys. had some enlightening conversations
i love them so very much.
tuesday - did some shopping therapy. survived michaela sleeping out in tents with friends overnight. who said the third kid is easier?
wednesday - lunch - not the food.

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