Monday, September 21, 2009


recently i attended a couple of showers, one baby, one bridal. both were beautiful and so much love was put into them. both women were so happy just starting new journeys. such good sweet stuff.... love to you both...and I wish you at least a few restful nights and a lifetime of happiness.

these two little ones are contemplating how much they should tell colleen about what to expect with a new little one. also how you can wear a beautiful dress and a tatoo at the same time.

these little dolls can't wait to meet their new cousin...

becky and happy we got to share in your special day.

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cathycan said...

Dee! so fun to meet you! Thanks for your comment, I loved your post on the "cougar" hahaha!!
I, too, had a lovely summer and now am looking forward to fall.
You know, talking abt. the showers you'd been to...changing the seasons of their lives ans I have discovered every season has its joys!