Thursday, September 17, 2009

you know who you are... cougar friend you need to relinquish your crown...

a malaysian woman, mook kundor - who is 107 YEARS OLD - is afraid that she may soon have to start looking for husband number 23. her current husband (number 22) mohammed che musa – who is 37 YEARS OLD - is currently in drug rehab.
mook and mohammed met in the same village where he was her lodger. he is quoted as saying that he fell in love with his wife because it was “god’s will,” that he is still very much in love with her and cannot dream of life with someone else.
even so, mook is afraid that, after he gets out of rehab, her darling lil hubby won’t return home but will go out searching for a younger woman. she says she's “lonely and insecure.” if he indeed still has feelings for her she will "wait for him without thinking of another marriage.” but she has a gnawing feeling.(holy crap still insecure at 107 years old) if he doesn’t return home, she has her eyes set on a 50 year old man ( oh a youngin) but hopes it doesn’t come to that.
“i am not searching for a handsome man just someone to accompany me in my twilight years,” she said. twilight years?? this sounds like the twilight zone... "i realize i am an aged woman. i don’t have the body nor am i a young woman who can attract anyone. my intention to re-marry is to fill my forlornness, particularly during ramadan, the muslim month of fasting.”
i don’t know what's worse the thought of (1.) being 107 years old, (2.) being 107 years old and still trying to hook up with younger men, (3.) being married 22 times, or (4.) having a husband who is 70 years my junior and is in rehab.
but hey, i guess every human should have love and companionship. any of you dudes out there wanna hook up with a 107 year old forlorn and insecure woman while she isn’t eating?

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Anonymous said...

WEIRD !! If she got married at 16 for the first time, then it would be an average of a little more than 8 yrs for each one. (Must have very few available women in that town).