Tuesday, May 18, 2010

another golden birthday...

another golden child...

18 years   - defining moments. my sweet, sweet, baby girl. how can you be 18? on that cold may morning 18 years ago i walked through the hospital doors expecting i would certainly have another baby boy.  one hour later we had a beautiful baby girl. you surprised me then and have so many times since.   the days pass so quickly, all the chapters roll into one another.
i guess you aren't a baby anymore, but in my heart you will always be. i wish someone would press the closing buzzer so that i can keep you with me just a little longer. but - the world awaits. graduation is in 2 short weeks, you are  beautiful,  smart, talented, kind and one of the most thoughtful friends i know.  through every stage and every age i love you more and more. you are more than i could have ever hoped for.  may you always sleep under a lucky star.  happy, happy birthday.

 i love you and am privileged to be your mom.  xoxo

and Dad... Happy Happy Birthday to you too!!!!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday michaela! hard to believe the years have gone by! you are just who your mom described. Don't ever change

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest girl. You have so much to offer the world.
Happy Happy Birthday.